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for women recovering from addictions

a recovery journey that captures each woman’s strength and dedication      

where life begins again woman c

“Before I went to the Centre I could not imagine that I would ever be well enough to get my little girl back. I didn’t care about myself and my life was focused on my addiction. I was doubtful when I started my stay at the Centre but then I saw that the staff really cared and that I was not the only one struggling. I stayed the full year and my entire life changed. I now have an apartment, a job and my little girl back. The Marguerite Centre literally saved my life.”  (Resident, 2010)

Located near Halifax, The Marguerite Centre is the only facility of its kind for women in Nova Scotia.

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In a world, where the vast majority of treatment models are tailor-madefor men, and centres that help women living with addiction are severely underfunded — the Marguerite Centre needs your help now, more than ever. It’s time we stop sweeping women under the rug. Help support the Marguerite Centre.

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