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The Marguerite Centre fosters a healthier society by supporting women recovering from addiction through a long-term residential program focusing on the healing of mind, body and spirit.



  • Providing shelter and other fundamental living needs in a safe and tranquil residential setting conducive to healing.

  • Meeting the individual needs and goals of the women through our 24-hour in-house support.

  • Providing a holistic program so that women feel empowered to understand their addiction(s) and to create their own path to recovery and healthy living.

  • To provide outreach services to women who have completed the residential program.


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Marguerite Bourgeoys, a young woman from France, came to Montreal to teach in 1653. She worked toward the education of women and children so their lives would be eased from the hardships of a new land. Marguerite’s compassion, commitment and vision helped make a better society in this early settlement. She founded a group of women who would share her vision and continue to respond to the needs of the times. The Marguerite Centre is a tribute to this pioneering woman. We endeavour to capture her strength and dedication by helping women and children in need.

a place of healing

The Marguerite Centre provides a holistic, women centred approach to recovery from substance misuse and gambling addiction. We are an inclusive, safe, non-judgmental environment; free from discrimination and available regardless of economic status.

Residents receive their own room and are empowered to create their own path to healing and recovery. Counsellors work with them to develop personal and family plans and goals. Click here to see a list of programs that support the mind, body and spirit throughout the healing journey.




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