About The Marguerite Centre

a place of healing for women recovering from addiction

Located near Halifax, The Marguerite Centre is the only facility of its kind for women in Nova Scotia.

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Where life begins again...

The Marguerite Centre provides a holistic, women-centred approach to recovery from substance misuse and gambling addiction. We are an inclusive, safe, non-judgmental environment; free from discrimination and available regardless of economic status.

Residents receive their own room and are empowered to create their own path to healing and recovery. Counsellors work with them to develop personal and family plans and goals.

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Mission Statement

The Marguerite Centre fosters a healthier society by supporting women recovering from addiction through a long-term residential program focusing on the healing of mind, body and spirit.

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We accomplish this by:

  • Providing shelter and other fundamental living needs in a safe and tranquil residential setting conducive to healing.

  • Meeting the individual needs and goals of the women through our 24-hour in-house support.

  • Providing a holistic program so that women feel empowered to understand their addiction(s) and to create their own path to recovery and healthy living.

  • Providing outreach services to women who have completed the residential program.

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Our Team

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Lisa's rose

Lisa M

Executive Director - March 2012
Kitchener, ON
My career path has been in sectors of Not-For-Profit Development and Governance & Policy with multiple leadership or management positions. My favourite thing about the Marguerite is that it feels like home. Ellen DeGeneres is someone that inspires me; I love her philosophy "be kind to one another". A fun fact about me is that I am a Mini-motorist! I have driven a Mini for the last 11 years and love them! We participate in Mini Rally's across Eastern Canada and enjoy meeting up with other Mini-Motor people from North America.

Blue iris

Christine T

Program and Resident Coordinator - April 2010
Sackville, NB

I have a BA, BAA from Mount Saint Vincent University and I've spent 23 years working with various population groups: persons with disabilities, seniors, young offenders and women in recovery, mostly in the non-profit sector. Having an opportunity to make a difference in people's lives and receiving genuine gratitude for what we do is my favourite thing about the Marguerite Centre. The women who come to the Marguerite Centre are people who inspire me. They are the most courageous and determined women I've ever met. A fun fact about me is that my favourite colour is blue, but I love brown eyes! I enjoy reading Tarot and astrology and how these coincide with personalities and human behaviour.

Morgan's lilly of the valley

Morgan M

Recovery Facilitator - March 2018
Antigonish, NS
I have a BA Psychology from Dalhousie University and an Advanced Diploma Addictions Community Outreach from NSCC. My favourite thing about the Marguerite Centre is that we value people over profits! We'll never let your financial status get in the way of your fresh start. Someone that inspires me is Gabor Maté because he is exceptionally compassionate and non-judgemental in his approach to addiction. A fun fact about me is that I'm writing a book, but at this rate, expect it to hit the shelves in early 2077!

Katie's peony

Nicole J

Program Facilitator - June 2022
Tantallon, NS
I have a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Dalhousie University and an Advanced Diploma in Addiction Community Outreach from NSCC.  My favorite thing about The Marguerite Centre is that it is a place where women come together to support each other.  I also enjoy the many activities we do within our community to promote recovery and a happy & healthy lifestyle.  Brene Brown inspires me with how she is able to discuss difficult emotions with a great sense of humour.  A fun fact about me is that I love plants...I can never have too many!
Maddi's lilac

Maddi M

House Manager - January 2021
Halifax, NS
I went to Dalhousie University for a BA Psychology and Sociology and am continuing to further my education in the field of Addictions. To me, The Marguerite Centre represents a safe place for healing and growth, and I love being able to create a warm, welcoming environment for each individual to do so. I am consistently inspired by the kindness of our fellow community members and strive to pass along that kindness every day. A fun fact about me is that I ride a motorcycle and enjoy going for a cruise on a sunny day!
Maddi's lilac

Jocelyn P

Health Promotion Coordinator - June 2022
Kelowna, BC
I graduated from Dalhousie University with a BA of Science in Health Promotion and continue to further my education in mental health and addictions.  The Marguerite Centre offers a safe, inclusive, and a supportive space for women to heal and grow.  My favorite thing about the Centre is the holistic and trauma-informed focus; the positive impact of mindfulness and healing the whole person is incredible to see.  I feel lucky every day to work with such inspiring, resilient women!  After work, I love spending my time outdoors with my big pup Jeriko, camping, backpacking, gardening, reading and crafting.
Tanya's stargazer lily

Sherri B

Residential Support - May 2022
Nova Scotia
I attended Mount Saint Vincent for Psychology and Sociology studies.  I also participated in the French Immersion program at the University of Montreal, and NS College of Art and Design for a BFA.  I have worked in transition houses for many years and have experience in the field of women's support.  A fun fact about me is that I enjoy hosting international students from around the world.  I get to meet new people and find our about their cultures.  It is a wonderful experience!
Gail's sunflower

Gail C

Residential Support - July 2021
Bridgewater, NS
I have worked in the field of Corrections and youth support in various locations across Canada. After losing my son to addiction, family ties brought me back to NS and start working in this field.  Recovery is a full-time job for our residents and they work hard!  The staff are truly here for them and support them unconditionally.  A fun fact about me is that I just adopted a new puppy named Lola.  She is a Miniature Pinscher - her small size and endless energy keeps me on my toes!
Robyn's Dahlia

Robyn M

Small town Newfoundland
Grant Writer - December 2021
I attended Dalhousie University in Halifax. My Social Work education has led me to spend much of my career in the field of homelessness and vulnerable people. Connecting my background and work, what I like best about The Marguerite Centre is the empowerment of female support & encouragement. Based on this perspective, Brene Brown is an inspiration in my life as a female-driven researcher, author, and educator. A fun fact about myself would be that I am a huge fan of stock car & Formula 1 racing!

Our roots...

Marguerite Bourgeoys, a young woman from France, came to Montreal to teach in 1653. She worked toward the education of women and children so their lives would be eased from the hardships of a new land. Marguerite’s compassion, commitment and vision helped make a better society in this early settlement. She founded a group of women who would share her vision and continue to respond to the needs of the times. The Marguerite Centre is a tribute to this pioneering woman. We endeavour to capture her strength and dedication by helping women and children in need.